As a rare immersive show, “Zhiyin Hao” is presented on a drifting cruise named “Zhiyin Cruise”, actually the “Zhiyin Cruise” is a theatre. It’s the world’s first drift-style multi-dimensional immersive drama.

Per the innovation, “Zhiyin Hao” is a key program of cultural & tourism industry in Hubei, it will give assistance to promote the 13th five-year plan of whole area tourism development in Hubei province. It is also a very important culture program in Wuhan.

“Zhyin Hao” is invested by Wuhan tourism development & investment Group Co., Ltd and directed by the famous director Fan Yue. The project pioneers the “one version of the multi-edition” and “Zhiyin Service Standard”. It will form a unique IP model both on culture and service.

“Zhiyin Hao” will become a new city card of Wuhan cultural tourism and a new landmark of China cultural and tourism industry.

Made up of three former cities of Hankou, Wuchang and Hanyang, Wuhan has been an important trading post since the 19th century, due to its strategic location at the confluence of the Hanjiang and Yangtze rivers. All the roles in “Zhiyin Hao” are set in 1920s Wuhan and many of the roles are based on true stories.

The cruise ship, a full-size replica of the original ship named “Jianghua Cruise” from the early 20th century, has four decks and 98 cabins.

The moment a dock door opens, the audience begins to time-travel to the 1920s.

With music coming from afar, a long trestle leads up to a giant steamship, along which rickshaws and stands of street food are seen. A boy, coming up to passers-by, hands over old-fashioned papers printed with stories and information about a performance titled Zhiyin Cruise.

On the cruise ship, there is no spectator stand. When the viewers get the tickets, they are passengers and they may dance and talk with the performers and are able to have access to any drama site.

On the re-creation of an old wharf, where the viewers are waiting to board a ship, they find themselves brushing against those in traditional gowns or qipao. Some carry suitcases and some wave handkerchiefs to say goodbye.

Stepping into any room on the second deck, viewers can listen to stories told by performers who play the roles of passengers-a young man who left home to search for his lost younger brother, a hostess betrayed by her lover or a failed businessman from Wuhan.

Viewers can talk with these performers to find more about those stories. The director set just a theme for the stories, rather than fixed scripts.

The stage of the show is not limited to the cabins. Almost everywhere on the ship, there is a stage-the pub, the coffee house, the stairway and corridor corners.

On the third deck, viewers are ushered to their private rooms and will find a cabin decorated with old items, like folding fans, pocket watches and caps, and also a photo album featuring pictures of what life was like back then, including wedding pictures and marriage certificates from the 20th century.

The theater begins from the wharf

Rickshaws clanking, people file into the door of the wharf and the show has already begun. On the wharf which is more than 200 meters, we can find the paper boy, the gentleman who carry the suitcase, the ladies rush hurry. It seems you are already back to a hundred years ago. You are a passenger, but also an actor. You will enjoy stories everywhere on the cruise. You can step into a room, choose a favorite dress to replace, drink in the bar, overlook the scenery, enjoy all the fantastic drama performances.

The audience is also actor

Unlike the traditional drama, there’s no separate stage in “Zhiyin Hao”, every corner has unpredictable stories, and you are part of the story. The clues are hidden in each corner you may find. All the passengers follow the actors to research what happened on them. They will have experience of searching, finding, coincidence, finally, the will got the real feeling from the deep of their heart.

Real experience

Many theaters are virtual setting, like forest or sea, but “Zhiyin hao” is not. All the stories took place in a real 20th century style ship. Whether its appearance, decoration, or clothing, props, “Zhiyin Hao” tries to achieve the ultimate integrity scene of the old time. You may confused where you are, 21st century or a hundred years ago in Wuhan. Although the stories are virtual but the experience is real. You will learn the flexible relationship from many of the simple stories.